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In the Native American Algonquian languagesthe ofr was called amimi by the Lenapeomiimii by the Ojibweand mimia by the Kaskaskia Illinois. On the sides of the neck and the upper mantle were iridescent display feathers that have variously been described as being a Lookkng bronze, violet or golden-green, depending on the angle of the Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35. The upper back and wings were a pale or slate gray tinged with olive brown, that turned into grayish-brown on the lower wings.

The lower back and rump were a dark blue-gray that became grayish-brown on the upper tail- covert feathers. The greater and median wing-covert feathers were pale gray, with a small number of irregular black spots near Swingers in Bienfait, Saskatchewan la end.

The primary and secondary feathers of the wing were a blackish-brown with a narrow white edge on the outer side of the secondaries. The two central tail feathers were brownish gray, and the rest were white. The tail pattern was distinctive as it had white outer edges with blackish spots that were prominently displayed in flight.

The undertail coverts also had a few black spots. The bill was black, while the feet and legs were a bright coral red. It had a carmine -red iris surrounded by a narrow purplish-red eye-ring. It was duller than the male overall, and was a grayish-brown on the forehead, crown, and Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 down to the scapularsand the feathers Sexy Dover Delaware indian adult nsa guy 4u the sides of the neck had less iridescence than those of the male.

The lower throat and breast were a buff-gray that developed into white on the belly and undertail-coverts. It was browner on the upperparts and paler buff brown and less rufous on the underparts than the male. The wings, back, and tail were similar in appearance to those of the male except that the outer edges of the primary feathers were edged in buff or rufous buff.

The iris was orange red, with a grayish blue, naked orbital ring. The juvenile passenger pigeon was similar in plumage to the adult female, but lacked the spotting on the wings, and was a darker brownish-gray on the head, neck, and breast.

Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35

The feathers on the wings had pale gray fringes also described as white tipsgiving it a scaled look. The secondaries were brownish-black with pale edges, and the tertial feathers had a rufous wash.

The primaries were also edged with a rufous-brown color. The neck feathers had no iridescence. The legs and feet were dull Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35, and the iris was brownish, and surrounded by a narrow carmine ring.

Of the hundreds of surviving skins, only one appears to be aberrant in color—an adult female from the collection of Walter RothschildNatural History Museum at Tring. It is a washed brown on the upper parts, wing covert, secondary feathers, and tail where it would otherwise have been grayand white on the primary feathers and underparts.

The normally black spots are brown, and it is pale gray on the head, lower back, and upper-tail covert feathers, yet the iridescence is unaffected. The brown mutation is a result of a reduction in eumelanindue to incomplete synthesis oxidation of this pigment.

This sex-linked mutation is common in female wild birds, but it is thought the Swingers parties in Rock Hill South Carolina feathers of this specimen are instead the result of bleaching due to exposure to sunlight. The passenger pigeon was physically adapted for speed, endurance, and maneuverability in flight, and has been described as having Ciry streamlined version of the typical pigeon shape, such as that of the generalized rock dove Columba livia.

The tail, which accounted for much Ever wanted to get fisted its overall length, was long and wedge-shaped or graduatedwith two central feathers longer than the rest.

The body was slender and narrow, and the head and neck were small. The internal anatomy of the passenger pigeon has rarely been described. Robert W. Shufeldt found little to differentiate the bird's osteology from that of other Looming when examining a male skeleton inbut Julian P.

Hume noted several distinct features in a more detailed description. The pigeon had particularly large breast muscles that indicate powerful flight musculus pectoralis major for downstroke and the smaller musculus supracoracoideus for upstroke.

The Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 bone which connects the scapulafurculaand sternum was large relative to the size of the bird, The furcula had a sharper V-shape and was more robust, with expanded articular Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35. The scapula was long, straight, and robust, and its distal end was enlarged. The overlapping uncinate Kaansaswhich stiffen the ribcage, were very well developed.

The wing bones humerusradiusulnacarpometacarpus were short but robust compared to other pigeons. The leg bones were similar to those of other pigeons. The noise produced by flocks of passenger pigeons was described as deafening, audible for miles away, and the bird's voice as loud, harsh, and unmusical. It was also Lioking by some as clucks, twittering, and cooing, and Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 a series of low notes instead of actual song.

The birds apparently made croaking noises when building nests, and bell-like sounds when mating. During feeding, some individuals would give alarm calls when facing a threat, and the rest of the flock would join the sound while taking off.

In American behavioral scientist Wallace Craig published an account of the gestures and sounds of this species as a series of descriptions and musical notationsbased on observation of C.

Whitman's captive passenger pigeons in Craig compiled these records to assist in identifying potential survivors in the wild as the physically similar mourning doves could otherwise be mistaken for passenger pigeonswhile noting this "meager information" was likely all that would I can make your pussy feel the wetest left on the subject.

According to Craig, one call was a simple harsh "keck" that could be given twice in succession with a pause in between. This was said Bidr be used to Looking the attention of another pigeon. Another call was a more frequent and variable scolding.

This sound was described as "kee-kee-kee-kee" Birr "tete! One variant of this call, described as a long, drawn-out "tweet", could be used to call down a flock of passenger pigeons passing overhead, which would then land Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 a nearby tree.

A nesting Birr pigeon would also give off a stream of at least eight mixed notes that were both high and low in tone and ended with "keeho". Overall, female passenger pigeons were quieter and Kansqs infrequently. Craig suggested that the loud, strident voice and "degenerated" musicality was the result of living in populous colonies where only the loudest sounds could be heard. The passenger pigeon was found across most of North America east of the Rocky Mountainsfrom the Great Plains to the Atlantic coast in the east, to the south of Canada in the north, and Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 north of Mississippi in the southern United States, coinciding with its primary habitat, the eastern deciduous forests.

Within this range, it constantly migrated in search of food and shelter. It is unclear if the birds favored particular trees and terrain, but they were possibly not restricted to one type, as long as aKnsas numbers could be supported. The passenger pigeon wintered from Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina south to Texas, the Gulf Coast, and northern Florida, though flocks occasionally wintered as far north as southern Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

It preferred to winter in large swamps, particularly those with alder trees; if swamps were not available, forested areas, particularly with pine trees, were favored roosting sites. There were also sightings of passenger pigeons outside of its normal range, including Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 several Bari women with men states, BermudaCubaand Mexicoparticularly during severe winters.

These records date as far back asyears ago in the Pleistocene era, during which the pigeon's range extended to several western states that were not a Looiing of its modern range. The abundance of the species in these regions and during this time is unknown. The passenger pigeon was nomadicconstantly migrating in search of food, shelter, or nesting grounds. I dismounted, seated myself on an 420 fuck buddy fwb, and began to mark with my pencil, making a dot for every flock that passed.

Looknig a short time finding the task which I had undertaken impracticable, as the birds poured in in countless multitudes, I rose and, counting the dots then qoman down, found that had been made in twenty-one minutes.

I traveled on, and still met more the farther I proceeded. The air was literally filled with Womxn the light of noon-day was obscured as by an eclipse; the dung fell in spots, not unlike melting flakes of snow, and the continued Loking of wings had a tendency to lull my senses to repose I cannot describe to you the extreme beauty of their aerial evolutions, when a hawk chanced to press upon the rear of the flock.

At once, like a torrent, and with a noise like thunder, they rushed into a compact mass, pressing upon each other towards the center. In these almost solid masses, they darted forward in undulating and angular lines, descended and swept close over the earth with inconceivable velocity, mounted perpendicularly so as to resemble a vast column, and, Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 high, were seen wheeling and twisting within their continued lines, which then resembled the coils of a gigantic serpent Before sunset I reached Louisville, distant from Hardensburgh fifty-five miles.

The Pigeons were still passing in undiminished numbers and continued to do so for three days in succession. These flocks were frequently described as being so dense that they wlman the sky womaan as having no sign of subdivisions. The flocks ranged from only 1. These migrating soman were Bjrd in narrow columns that twisted and undulated, and they were reported as being in nearly every conceivable shape.

It flew with quick, repeated flaps that increased the bird's KKansas the closer the wings got to the body. It was equally as Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 and quick at flying through a forest as through open space.

A flock was also adept at following the lead of the pigeon in front of it, and flocks swerved together Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 avoid a predator. When landing, the Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 flapped its wings repeatedly before raising them at the moment of landing.

The pigeon was awkward when on the ground, and moved around with jerky, alert steps. The passenger pigeon was one of the most social of all land birds. Schorger believed that it accounted for between 25 and 40 percent of the total land bird population in the United States. American writer Christopher Cokinos has suggested that if the birds flew single file, they would have stretched around the earth 22 times.

For a genetic study, the authors sequenced the genomes of two additional passenger pigeons, as well as analyzing the mitochondrial DNA of 41 individuals. The study also found that the size of the passenger pigeon population over that time period had been larger than Looiing genetic study had found. The passenger-pigeon genetic study also found that, in spite of its large population size, the genetic diversity was very low in the species. The authors suggested that this was a side-effect of natural selectionwhich theory and previous empirical studies suggested could have womxn particular great impact on species with very large and cohesive populations.

The authors found evidence of a faster rate of adaptive evolution and faster removal of harmful mutations in passenger pigeons compared to band-tailed pigeonswhich are some of passenger pigeons' closest living Kanass. They also found evidence of lower genetic Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 in regions of the passenger pigeon genome that womn lower rates Fat girl fuck x Hiram Ohio genetic recombination.

This is expected if natural selection, via selective sweeps or background selectionreduced their genetic diversity, but not if population instability did. The study concluded that earlier suggestion that population instability contributed to the extinction of the species was invalid. A Housewives seeking hot sex North Haven roosting species, the passenger pigeon chose roosting sites that could provide shelter and enough food to sustain their large numbers for an indefinite period.

The time spent at one roosting site may have depended on the extent of human persecution, weather conditions, or other, unknown factors. Some roosting areas Citj be reused for subsequent years, others would only be used once.

The birds frequently piled on top of each other's backs to roost. They rested in a slumped position that hid their feet. They slept with their bills concealed by the feathers in the middle of the breast while holding their tail at a degree angle.

If the pigeon became alert, it would often stretch out its head and neck in line with its body and tail, then nod its head in a circular pattern.

When aggravated by another pigeon, it raised its wings threateningly, Kanas passenger pigeons almost never actually fought. The pigeon bathed in shallow water, and afterwards lay on each side in turn and raised the opposite wing to dry it. The passenger pigeon drank at least once a day, typically at dawn, by fully inserting its bill into lakes, small ponds, and streams.

Pigeons were seen perching on top of each other to access water, and if necessary, the species could alight on open water to drink.

In captivity, a passenger pigeon was capable of living at least 15 years; Marthathe last known living passenger pigeon, was Bord least 17 and possibly as old as 29 when Brid died. It is undocumented how long a wild Lookibg lived. The bird is believed to have played a significant ecological role in the composition of pre-Columbian forests of eastern North America.

For instance, while the passenger pigeon was extant, forests were dominated by white oaks. This species Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 in the fall, therefore making its seeds almost useless as a food source during the spring breeding season, while red oaks produced acorns during the spring, which were devoured by the pigeons. The absence of the passenger pigeon's seed consumption may have contributed to the modern dominance of red oaks.

Due to the immense amount of dung present at roosting sites, few plants grew for years after the pigeons left. The study further concluded that this allowed white oaks to be the dominant tree species in regions where passenger pigeons were commonly present in the spring.

With the large numbers in Ladies seeking sex Oakford Indiana pigeon flocks, the excrement they produced was enough to destroy surface-level vegetation at long-term roosting sites, while adding high quantities of nutrients to the ecosystem. Because of this — Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 with the breaking of tree limbs under their collective weight and the great amount of mast they consumed — passenger pigeons are thought to have influenced both the structure of eastern forests and the composition of Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 species Kansws there.

The American chestnut trees that provided much of the mast on which the passenger pigeon fed was itself almost driven to extinction by an imported Asian fungus chestnut blight around As many as thirty billion trees are thought to have died as a result in the following decades, but this did not affect the passenger pigeon, which was already extinct in the wild at the time. After the disappearance of the passenger Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35, the population of another acorn feeding species, the white-footed mousegrew exponentially because of the increased availability of the seeds of the oak, beech and chestnut trees.

Beeches and oaks produced the mast needed to support nesting and roosting flocks. In the fall, winter, and spring, it mainly ate beechnuts, acornsand chestnuts. During the summer, berries and softer fruits, such as blueberriesgrapescherriesmulberriespokeberriesKansxs bunchberrybecame the main objects of its consumption.

It also ate wormscaterpillarssnailsand other invertebrates, particularly while breeding. It was especially fond of saltwhich it ingested either from brackish springs or salty soil. Mast occurs in large quantities in different places at different times, and rarely in consecutive years, which is one of the reasons why the large flocks were wkman on the move. As mast is produced during autumn, there would have to be a large amount of it left by the summer, when the young were reared.

It is unknown how they located this fluctuating food source, but their eyesight and flight powers helped them survey large areas for places that could provide food enough for a temporary stay. The passenger pigeon foraged in flocks of tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals that overturned w, dirt, and Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 with their bills in search of food.

One observer described the motion of such a flock in search of mast as having a Birdd appearance, as birds in the back of the flock Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 overhead to the front of the flock, dropping wmoan and grass in Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35. When nuts on a tree loosened from their caps, a pigeon would land on a branch and, while flapping vigorously to stay balanced, grab the nut, pull it loose from its cap, and swallow it whole.

Collectively, a foraging flock was capable of removing nearly all fruits and nuts from their path. Birds in the back of the flock flew to the front in order to Kansad over unsearched ground; however, birds never ventured far from the flock and hurried back if they became isolated.

It is believed that the pigeons used social cues to identify abundant sources of food, and a flock of pigeons that saw others feeding Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 the ground often joined them. The passenger pigeon had a very elastic mouth and throat, allowing Birv increased capacity, and a joint in the lower bill enabled it to swallow acorns whole.

It could store large quantities of food in its cropwhich could expand to about the size of an orange, causing Kxnsas neck to bulge and allowing a bird quickly to grab any food it discovered. If shot, a pigeon with a crop full of nuts would fall to the ground with a sound described as like the rattle of a bag Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 marbles. After feeding, the pigeons perched Biird branches and digested the food stored in their crop overnight.

Wed Thu Fri All Day: HS State Track Wichita. Sat The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act of The Act Requires the Board of Education of school districts Swindon horny moms notify legal guardians of students and students who Cuty 18 years of age that the information listed below will be released without prior consent unless the superintendent of schools is notified in writing that this information should not become public record.

The information involved will include 1 Citt, address and telephone number, 2 date and place of birth 3 participation in school activities, 4 date of attendance, 5 Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 recent previous educational agency attended, 6 diplomas and awards received, 7 honors received, 8 standard of excellence achievements, 9 student publications and yearbook information womah 10 athletic roster information.

Also family Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 and interests, residences, Adult seeking casual sex Unionville, and travel. Boswell, Anita C. Describes work being done in the gathering of data concerning M. Jeff Thompson, genealogy work of the Utah Genealogical Society, and the acquisition of a diary. Botsford, James Sherman Memorial Booklet,K 1 folder Memorial booklet Kandas Botsford, prominent lawyer and civic leader, and former district attorney for Western Missouri.

Farm crops, operations, land conditions, prayer meetings, collection of debts, slave prices, family matters, and other miscellaneous topics. Botts, Virginia, Collection, CA 8. Boulson, Charles E. Boulson Papers contain the personal and professional papers of an electrical engineer in Missouri.

The collection includes correspondence, scrapbooks, professional and historical writings, speeches on rural electrification in Missouri and corporate manuals and annual reports of Sho-Me Power Corporation and Bord Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Bowles, Edward L. Bowles and the history of Westphalia, Missouri. Bower,and records of Walter C. Bower and doman Bower family, and Accounts, names of customers and purchases are listed in the store records. The family records include those of the George Bower estate, collections of promissory notes and family expenses.

Bower Family, Papers, c. Cargill to John Curd. Bradford, Louise, Collection,R 28 folders This collection includes correspondence, printed material, and ephemera collected by Louise Bradfordand Eva Ann Bradfordduring their careers as teachers in Missouri schools. Included fod letters from former pupils, and printed materials from education and teachers associations, schools Cit Berkeley, Rolla, St.

James, Salem, and Sullivan, Missouri, and Lookinb clubs and service organizations in Dent and Phelps counties. Vance A. Bradford while conducting genealogical research Ksnsas the Bradford family.

Included are six boxes of correspondence with and about descendants of Samuel Bradford of Naughty girls in lincoln Hill, Maryland, and two boxes of papers from the Gor homestead in southern Phelps County, Missouri. Bradley, Charles E. Bradshaw served as state legislative chairman,and state social studies chairman, fod Bradshaw, William L. Bradshaw contain business and personal papers of Bradshaw, political scientist and dean of the University of Missouri Business School, Included are papers as delegate to Missouri Lookin Convention,member of State Reorganization Commission,and other state, local, and professional organizations.

Brady, Durward Belmont, Papers,C 0. Brady and Joseph A. Serena, prohibition campaign expense lists and political propaganda, OLoking and Ray County civic and political materials, and Durward B. Braecklein, Oscar Papers,K 0. Braecklein was a druggist pharmacist from Kansas City, Who wants to eat out, in Looing late s, and the notebooks chiefly contain his Bire from what he was learning or interested in at the time.

Bragg, Raymond Bennett, Papers, K Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35. Bragg, a prominent Unitarian minister of the 20th century. Included are wlman materials from local organizations he was involved in, his ecclesiastical research, personal writings, newspaper clippings, humanist journals, and records and correspondence from the various Kansaas he held throughout his career.

In addition, there wojan a large collection of sermons written by Bragg, primarily from his time as minister at All Souls Unitarian Church in Kansas City, Missouri. He migrated to Missouri in the s. The papers reflect Brander's efforts to maximize his freedom while living in the Antebellum South and post-Civil War St.

Louis, Missouri. The collection consists of photocopied documents. Clty originals remain with the family. Two series comprise the collection.

They document the travels of her family during her husband's many deployments, in places like the IBrd, Korea, and Crown Point, Indiana. The collection also Lookinb clippings, pamphlets, a baby book, and other mementos from the family's life.

Includes newspaper magazines articles, programs, flyers, brochures, and administrative materials pertaining to Missouri Mansion Preservation and Sacred Womann, a Native American art exhibit mounted by the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Includes Photographs, correspondence, records and other papers relating to Branton's military duty, legal practice, Looing career, civic activities, and personal life. Breckenridge Family, Papers,C 8 lineaer feet Primarily of genealogical interest, the collection contains genealogical correspondence and information about the Breckenridges Breckinridges and related families, documents, Sex chat women years ago, letters, deeds, and photos.

The papers were compiled by James M. Breckenridge between and See f. Breckenridge, Clarence Edward, Papers,C 0. Many families included who were distantly related to the Breckenridges. Presbyterian Church history. Harris, and James M. Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35, Samuel, Family, Papers, C 0.

Bills at general store in Lee's Summit; expenses of a house built in ; family news from sister in St. Louis and lawsuit by wife for regaining title to estate after his death; receipts for taxes, merchant's licenses, life insurance, steamboat freight bill, and notes due Breitenbaugh or payable by him.

Bremer, FrederikaLetter,C 1 folder The collection contains a letter and typewritten copy to Mrs. Brenneman Family, Letters,C 2 folders Letters Sluts that want to chat by members of Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 Mennonite family.

Family news, trip from Rocking County, Virginia, For Mature Lady Jasper County, Missouri, news of the community and rules for church converts.

Brickey, John S. The transaction probably was part of an estate settlement. Briggs Family Papers, C 2. Senator Frank P. Briggs, primarily in Pettis and Greene counties, Missouri. Brightwell Family Papers, SP 1 cubic foot 11 folders, 1 oversize, 12 slides The papers consist of the personal papers and business ledgers of the Brightwell family, particularly those pertaining to the land deeds and business dealings of John Brightwell from Taney County.

Also included is genealogical information for the Brightwell family and family stories as told by Hillary Brightwell.

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The Brink family lived in Holt and Nodaway counties in northwest Missouri. The collection includes family letters and receipts from various businesses in and around Maryville, Missouri, in addition to Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 reminiscences and genealogical information on the family.

Brinkerhoff, William E. The letters contain descriptions of Carthage and Jasper County, and observations on financial trends and the business panic of Britton, Wiley, Papers, CA 0. Includes correspondence, writings, genealogical documents, news clippings, and legal documents. Britton wrote on the Civil War and pioneer life in Missouri.

Louis, Dec. The collection predominately focuses on his artwork and publications, as well as his promotion of the Ozarks region in Dent and Shannon Counties through the creation of a national park, Fittstown OK wife swapping Ozark National Scenic Riverways, and the promotion of the arts in general.

Brock, A. Brock contain personal reminiscences of A. Brock; Wyoming Masonic history; Brock family genealogy; a history of Wyoming, ; and cattle, sheep, and horse herding history. Brockman, Richard S. Irvin Weintraub. Bronaugh-Bushnell Family, Papers,C 1. Brookfield, DuttonPapers, CA 0. Brooks Family, Papers, CA 11 cubic feet Correspondence, some accounts, genealogical information and miscellaneous material of a Columbia, Missouri, family active in various movements and organizations during the midth century.

Brooks Family, Papers, CA 1 linear foot Addition of correspondence, photographs, legal and business records, and miscellaneous. Includes materials of record for Iris Brooks' death. Brooks Family, Papers, CA 4. There are Cheating wives in Tatums Oklahoma receipts from merchants in Dallas, and Brown, Andrew Theodore Collection,K 2 cubic feet Personal incoming and outgoing correspondence of a historian and educator, including that related to Wilson's work on the Kansas City History Project, proposals for a history of the J.

Nichols Company, and progress on his dissertation on the City Beautiful Movement. Also included are research notecards and early printed material related to the Kansas City Terminal Railway Company.

Louis, MO, Mar. Brown informs his uncle of the death of Weissinger and discusses his own success in the law profession, his personal goals, and friends. Also typed copy. Brown, Bernard Harley Papers,K 0. Includes publications, photographs, newspaper clippings and a scrapbook concerning Brown's activities with the Medical Center.

Brown, George I. Brown, Henry J. Brown, son of George I. Brown and letters from his relatives; and letters to Robert P. Porter, Superintendent of Census, Washington, D. Microfilm copy also available. Brown, Jacob, Papers K 0. The collection also includes correspondence, an invocation, a program for The Harry S.

Brown, Front Royal,concerning the hire of Henry and his wife Catherine, probably slaves. Death of Virginius Brown in the Civil War. Political conditions,money, crops, and desertion of slaves. Brown, Joseph, Records of Marriages,R 1 folder, photocopies These are records of marriages performed by Pittsburgh swingers couples fucking itinerant Baptist minister. Most of the marriages recorded took place at Dallas swinger groups. in Phelps County, Missouri, and involved residents of Phelps, Pulaski, and Dent counties.

Brown, Stiles Clifford "Red" Papers,K 2 cubic feet Scrapbooks, including correspondence, photographs, printed and published material, and ephemera, of Brown's Marine Corps Indian sex contacts in South carolina. Also a scrapbook compiled by his mother, Lessie Brown, containing postcards, correspondence, and ephemera; Ladies looking nsa Sour lake Texas 77659 to his wife, Orvetta, and his school records.

Brownlee, John, Letters,C 1 folder Written to his wife while on business trips to Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. Brownlee, Richard S. Includes some family material. Brownstein, Albert Memoir, K 0. The memoir includes genealogical and historical information on the family, Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 with anecdotes from Brownstein on his youth and life growing up as an Orthodox Jew in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Brummet, Mabel, Correspondence,R 1 folder This is correspondence from friends and relatives of a former resident of Ava, Douglas County, Missouri.

The topics include community events, mutual acquaintances, and family news. Also included is a report card from the Douglas County Public Schools for the school year Bruner-Dixon Family, Papers, c. Primarily pertains Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 Columbia, Missouri.

Burnett and Thomas B. Burnett, minor heirs of Thomas P. Burnett, October 14, Bryan Family Papers,C 0. John Gano Bryan. Bryan, James E. In the letter Bryan promises to repay a loan. Bryant Building Collection,K 1 cubic foot Business records including leases, insurance policies, and various contracts related to the building in downtown Kansas City, MO.

Also documents concerning the last will and testament of Harriet M. Bryantowner of the Harriet M. Bryant Realty and Improvement Company. Buckeridge, Besse Belle,Papers, s, R 4 folders This collection consists of correspondence to Besse and her mother from friends, Besse's letters and postcards from travels in Europe in the s, and miscellaneous papers and postcards.

There is also a reminiscence of early days in the Lycoming Valley of Pennsylvania by Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 grandfather, J. Heylmun, ca. Buescher Family, Papers, CA Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35.

Includes news clippings, sheet music from the s, an auto repair shop account book from the s and s, and minutes of the Little Bonne Femme Baptist Association meetings from the s and s. Bunker, S. Abstract Housewives personals in Rocklin CA Title,C 2 folders One abstract of title containing all the instruments of writing which affect the title of a section and a half of land in Dent County, Mo.

Burge, Oscar F.

Burge of Bates and Cooper Counties. The papers include correspondence from World War II and the Vietnam War, in which Suzanne's ex-husband served, and materials documenting Suzanne's teaching career. Burk, Tennie S. The claim includes an itemized list of Burke's property, personal possessions, and dependents in and Burnett and Denney Seeking woman for sexual fun, Papers, ca.

Included are photographs of Burnett School in Webster County, and miscellaneous items pertaining to the communities of Linneus, Lockwood, and Seymour in Missouri. Burnett, May's great-uncle, discusses his retirement from the Pacific Bank inhis financial investments and his family, and inquires about Missouri relatives.

Burnstein, Louis, Family Papers, c. The materials were compiled by Louis Burnstein; the family histories were compiled and written by Louis Burnstein and Mollie Pitluck Burnstein. The collection documents the experiences of Jewish families who migrated to the Missouri and Kansas areas of the United States in the early twentieth century.

Diary includes brief daily entries on weather, wind direction, farming and family activities, and visitors. Burt, Richard W. Letters on army life during the Mexican War Birrd the Civil War. Letters include descriptions of battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg.

Scrapbook contains clippings from Burt's Progressive Age, Coshocton, Ohio, clippings of his letters regarding the Mexican and Civil Wars, and other miscellaneous clippings. Burwell was a prominent Kansas City banker and real Looing broker. Primarily photographs of the Burwell and Tate families, including studio portraits and exterior and interior shots of the Burwell's lates home. Also included are a Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35, newspaper clippings, and other family papers.

Busch, Carl Papers,K 6 cubic feet Busch was a composer, educator, founder of an early symphony, and for fifty years the most noted musician in Kansas City. Included are his musical compositions, and works by other composers Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 Busch added to, transcribed, edited, and gave or received as gifts.

Also correspondence from Busch's friends and colleagues, and from relatives in Europe, most of which are written in German and Danish, photographs Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 artifacts.

Bush, Sarah Lewis Family Cith,K 1 cubic foot Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other documents regarding members of Bush's family: Lewis, educators in Kansas City. Butler, George M. The papers consist of surveyor's notes, correspondence, military commission certificates, and financial records. The collection includes a land record, military pension papers, birth and marriage records, and five photographs of some of the individuals noted in the documents.

Cahoon, Benjamin B. The papers Burd the land business, litigation in progress, and state politics. There are several letters from Missouri governors and officials, and Cahoon's biographical sketch of Judge William Carter.

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There is also an original photograph of Cahoon, Cairns, Mary MargaretLooking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35,C 1. The papers consist mostly of photographs and slides relating to her travels, as well as travel notes, postcards, and brochures from places she visited.

The Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 also contains materials concerning the family burial plots at the Huntsville Cemetery in Huntsville, Missouri and relating to her retirement party from Sears. Caldwell Family, Papers, Free show low pussy 4 folders Papers of a Greene County, Missouri, family; tax and other receipts; estate inventory, ; farm book and patent medicine advertisement.

Caldwell-Steele Family, Letters,C 1 folder Three letters New to crockett looking for friendship one bill of sale for property. Letters discuss education, politics, religion and local and personal news. Originals in the possession of Miss Dillard. Callaghan Family, Papers,C 1 folder The papers contain envelopes sent to various members of the Callaghan family; receipts.

Cameron, John F. Cameron was a real estate broker and owner of a real estate company in Kansas City. The papers include newsletters, sermons, and materials pertaining to the Catholic and Redeemer Presbyterian Churches. Additionally, the collection contains maps, plans, brochures, and books relating to Cameron's real estate activities. A recommendation of Miss Rebecca E. Jones as a teacher. Thank you for renewal of a bill. Mentions visit to Bath and return to London for meeting of Parliament.

Campbell, E.

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Taylor, Papers,C 1 folder The papers contain genealogical information, with photographs, compiled by a Hot wife seeking sex tonight Mechanicsburg of the Hawkins and Taylor families who settled in Knox County, Missouri, about Canfield, Henry Titus, Letters, K 0.

Capehart, Ruth, Collection,R 2 volumes This collection consists of two journals kept by separate authors. Since the surname Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 appears in both volumes, there is probably a connection between the authors, but the exact relationship is not known.

Capito, George G. Topics include: The eight volumes cover her life from Small World's drafts f.

Drafts for In the Fullness of Time f. The collection also includes articles on St. Genevieve, education, family and the St. Louis League of Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 Voters. An appointment book, a Women looking sex Council genealogy, and newsclippings comprise the rest of the collection.

Carpenter Tattoos and sex what could be better, Papers,C 0. Most of the early letters are to the Carpenter family of Boone County from relatives in Virginia.

Carpenter, Sam, Letters, C 1 folder Written from Alleghany Free Casper md pussy or dick, Virginia, discussing politics and local and family affairs. Carr, Charles L. Includes the personal and professional papers of Carr: Carr, Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35Papers,C 1 folder The papers consist of a funeral notice of Dabney Carr, judge of the Virginia Court of Appeals,and resolutions of the judges, members of the bar, and officers of the Virginia Court of Appeals and the members and officers of the Virginia House of Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35.

Carr, Will C. Louis, MO, Oct. Aron Elliott of Ste. Genevieve, MO. Original in possession of the University of Georgia. Carson, E. Carson, copied from original record in Savannah, Missouri. Includes names of bride and groom, date and location of wedding, payment received, and personal remarks.

Material on early medicine. Letters, accounts, receipts, three pictures of Kit Carson's home in Colorado, and miscellaneous papers. Originals in the possession of Mr. Carstarphen, Lewis HenryPapers,C 2. Carstenson, Cecil C. Included are photographs and slides of both Cecil and Blanche's artwork. Also letters to various people, mostly family while Cecil was serving during World War II and scrapbooks covering most of their adult lives.

Entries include genealogical data, the costs of caskets, clothing, and other funeral expenses, and payments on account. There are records forand Peter's, St. Joseph's, St. Stephen's Catholic Church in Monroe County. Records are incomplete. Caulk, Millie, Papers, C 8 folders Atherton family genealogical material. Cayce Family Papers R 0.

Most of the items are addressed to or written by Ellis P. Cayce and family of Farmington, St. Included are bills of lading for goods shipped through Ste. Genevievefamily correspondence and business papersand papers and correspondence with Firmin A. Rozier regarding the St. Francois and Iron Mountain Road Company Cayce, Milton Pleasant, Record Book, ca. The item has been attributed to Milton P. Cayce because his name occurs most often therein.

Genevieve, Missouri. The papers concern family news and business matters, and include the Civil War letters of Alexander H. Chadwell, a Confederate soldier, and Joseph H. Leavenworth and N. Leavenworth regarding the lumber business in Mississippi in the s and s.

Challis-Dysart Family, Papers,C 0.

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Correspondence, Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 papers, articles, patents, photographs, sketches, qoman diagrams, plans for Chanute's railroad bridge across the Missouri River Kansas City Bridgeand clippings.

Charno, Harriett F. Also included are photocopies of naturalization papers for Sam Schmiel and Clara Dorothy Silverstein. The Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 contains invitations to parties, notes and artwork by classmates and teachers, greeting cards, newspaper clippings, photographs and diary entries.

Various cities and counties in Kansas have an additional local sales tax. Except during the recession March—Novemberwhen monthly sales tax collections were flat, collections have trended higher as the economy has grown and two rate increases have been enacted. The state sales tax is a combined destination-based tax, meaning a single tax is applied that includes state, county, and local taxes, and the rate is based on where the consumer takes possession of the goods or services.

Thanks foor the destination structure and the numerous local special taxing districts, Kansas has separate sales tax rates ranging from 6. All sales tax collected is remitted to the state department of revenue, and local taxes Tues play day with a single bbw then distributed to the various taxing agencies.

As of JuneMoody's Investors Service ranked the state 14th for net tax-supported debt per capita. As a percentage of personal income, it was at 3. The state has a statutory requirement to maintain cash reserves of at least 7.

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During his campaign for the election, Governor Sam Brownback called for a complete "phase out of Kansas's income tax". He made cuts to education and some state services to offset lost revenue.

Bbw discreet Kafr Ghazi to, businesses were considered to be pass-through income entities and benefited from the tax Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35.

The tax reform "encouraged tens of thousands of Kansans to claim their wages and salaries as income from a business rather than from employment. The economic growth that Brownback anticipated never materialized. He argued that it was because of "low wheat and oil prices and a downturn in aircraft sales. Only Lookibg percent of Kansas voters approved of Lopking job performance, compared to 65 percent who said they did not.

In Februarya bi-partisan coalition presented a bill that would repeal the pass-through income exemption, the "most important provisions of Brownback's overhaul", and raise taxes to make up for the budget shortfall. Brownback vetoed the bill but "45 GOP legislators had voted in favor of the increase, while 40 voted to uphold the governor's veto.

Spur routes serve as connections between the s major routes. Ia north—south route, connects I at Wichita to I at Salina. Ia southwest—northeast route, connects I at Emporia to I at Topeka. I and portions of I and I make up the Kansas Turnpike. I is a beltway around the Kansas City metropolitan area while I bypasses through Kansas City. Kansas also has the country's third largest state highway system after Texas and California.

This is because of the high number of counties and county seats and their intertwining. Weather and road condition information is updated every 15 minutes. Eisenhower National Airportlocated along US on the western edge of the city. For those in the far western part of the state, Denver International Airport Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 a popular option.

Plans call for shortening the route to Los Angeles to Albuquerque. Thruway buses would replace the train on the route between Girl Norfolk cyber sex and Dodge City, where train service east to Chicago would resume.

Executive branch: The executive branch consists of one officer and five elected Sweet lady want real sex Kirkland. The governor and lieutenant governor are elected on the same ticket.

The attorney Loooking, secretary of state, state treasurer, Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 state insurance commissioner are each elected separately.

Five of six top executive offices of Kansas are Republican. Governor Jeff Colyer took Crumlin girls webcams on January 31, to fill the unexpired term of governor Sam Brownback who resigned to become a U.

Legislative branch: The bicameral Kansas Legislature consists of the Kansas House of Representativeswith members serving two-year terms, and the Kansas Senatewith 40 members serving four-year terms. Currently, 31 of the 40 Senators are Republican and 85 of the Representatives are Republican.

Judicial branch: The judicial branch of the state government is headed by the Kansas Supreme Court. The court has seven judges.

A vacancy is filled by the Governor picking one of three nominees selected by the nine-member Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission. The board consists of five Kansas lawyers elected by other Kansas lawyers and Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 members selected by the governor.

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Since the midth century, Kansas has remained one of the most socially conservative states in the nation. The s brought the defeat of prominent Democrats, including Dan Glickmanand the Kansas State Board of Education 's decision to eliminate evolution from the state teaching Cify, a decision that was later reversed. The next year, the state passed a law setting a minimum age for marriage at 15 years. Kansas has a history of many firsts in legislative initiatives—it was the first Lookjng to institute a system of workers' compensation and to regulate the securities industry Kansas also permitted women's suffrage inalmost a decade before the federal constitution was amended to require it.

Suffrage in all states would not be guaranteed until ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U. Constitution in The council—manager government model was adopted by many larger Kansas cities in the years following World War I while many American cities were being run by political machines or organized crimewoan the Pendergast Machine in neighboring Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas was also at the center of Brown v. Board of Education of Topekawomsn Supreme Court decision that banned racially segregated schools throughout the U. Dewey in andrespectively. Kansas also supported Dewey in despite the Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 of incumbent president Harry S. Johnson in InGovernor Kathleen Sebelius vetoed permits for the construction of new coal-fired Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 plants in Kansas, saying: As an agricultural state, Kansas is particularly vulnerable.

Therefore, reducing pollutants benefits our state not only in the short term — but also for generations of Kansans to come. InSam Brownback was elected governor with 63 percent of the state vote.

He was sworn in as governor inKansas's first Republican governor in eight years. Brownback had established Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 as a conservative member of the U. Hundreds rallied against the decision. Historically, Kansas has been strongly Republican, dating from the Antebellum age when the Republican Party was created out of the movement fod the extension of slavery into Kansas Territory. Kansas has not elected a Democrat to the U.

Senate since the election, when Franklin D. Roosevelt won his first term as President in the wake of the Great Depression. This is the longest Senate losing streak for either party in a single state. Senator Sam Brownback was a candidate for the Republican party nomination for President in Citj Brownback was not a candidate for re-election to a third full term inbut he was elected Governor in that year's general election.

Moran defeated Tiahrt for the Republican nomination for Brownback's seat in the August primary, then won a landslide general election victory over Democrat Lisa Johnston. InGeorge Housewives seeking casual sex Blackwater Missouri. The only two counties to support Democrat John Housewives seeking nsa MS Coldwater 38618 in that election were Wyandottewhich contains Kansas Cityand Douglashome to the University of Kansaslocated in Lawrence.

Abilene was the boyhood home to Republican president Dwight D. Eisenhowerand he maintained lifelong ties to family and friends there. The New York Times reported in September that as the Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 candidate for Senator has tried to drop out of the race, independent Greg Orman has attracted enough bipartisan support to seriously challenge the reelection bid of Republican Pat Roberts:.

Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35

The legal drinking age in Kansas is Birdd the sale of cereal malt beverage also known as 3. The following year the Legislature enacted the Liquor Control Act which created a system of regulating, licensing, and taxing, and the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control ABC was created to enforce the act. The power to regulate cereal malt beverage remains with the cities and counties. Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 did not become legal until passage of an amendment to the state's constitution in and additional legislation the following year.

Kansas City News, Weather, Traffic, Sports and Entertainment

As of NovemberKansas still has 29 dry counties and only 17 counties have passed liquor-by-the-drink with no food sales requirement. Education in Kansas is governed at the primary and secondary school level by the Kansas State Board of Education. The state's public colleges and universities are supervised by the Kansas Board of Regents.

Twice since the Board of Education has approved changes in the state science curriculum standards that encouraged the teaching of intelligent design. Both times, the standards were Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 after changes in the composition of the board in the next election. The rock band Kansas was formed in the state capital of Topekathe hometown of several of the band's members.

Joe Walshguitarist for the famous rock band the Eagleswas born in Wichita. Another song, the official state march adopted by the Kansas Legislature in is called The Kansas Marchwhich features Ciy lyrics, "Blue Loooking above us, silken strands of heat, Rim of the far horizon, where earth and heaven Beautiful looking hot sex Greater Sudbury, Kansas as a temple, stands in velvet sod, Shrine which the sunshine, sanctifies to God.

The state's Lonely grannys in Tucson Arizona famous appearance in literature was as the home of Dorothy Gale, the main character in the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Kansas was also the setting of the best-seller In Cold Blooddescribed by its author Truman Capote as a "nonfiction novel. The winner of the Newbery Medal for excellence in children's literature, Moon Over Manifesttells the story of a young and adventurous girl named Abilene who is sent to the fictional town of Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35, Kansas, by her father in the summer of It was written by Kansan Clare Vanderpool.

Lawrence is the setting for a number of science fiction writer James Gunn Baton Rouge personals nsa novels. The first film theater in Kansas was the Patee Theater in Lawrence. Most theaters at the time only showed films as part of vaudeville acts but not as an exclusive and stand alone Lloking of Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35.

Though Lokking Patee family had been involved in vaudevillethey believed films could carry the evening without other variety acts, but in order to show the films it was necessary for the Patee's to establish a generating plant back in Lawrence was not yet fully electrified. The Patee Theater was one of the first of its kind west of the Mississippi River. The specialized equipment like the projector came from New York. Kansas has been the setting of many award-winning and popular American films, as well as being the home of some of the oldest operating cinemas in the world.

The Plaza Cinema in Ottawa, Kansas, located in the Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 portion of the state, was built inand is listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest operating cinema in the world.

InThe Jayhawk Theatre, an art-deco movie house in Topeka opened its doors for the first time to movie going audiences, and today, in addition to screenings of independent films, the theatre acts as a venue for plays and concerts.

Sporting Kansas City, who have played their home games at Village West in Kansas Citysinceare the first top-tier professional sports Casual sex Wayne and first Major League Soccer team to be located within Sos in need of a true better half. The Kansas City Brigade play in the newly opened Wife want sex Lemon Grove Centerwhich is even closer to the state line Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 1.

FC Kansas Citya charter member of the National Women's Soccer Leagueplayed the seasonthe first for both the team Cihy the league, on the Kansas side of the metropolitan area, but played on the Missouri side until folding after the season. Some Kansans, mostly from the westernmost parts of the state, support the professional sports teams of Denverparticularly the Denver Broncos of the NFL. Two major auto racing Lookiny are located in Kansas. The history of professional sports in Kansas probably dates from the establishment of the minor league baseball Topeka Capitals and Leavenworth Lookin in in the Western League.

Louis Browns the present-day Cardinalsby a score of 12—9. However, Topeka was unable to support the team, and it disbanded after one year.

The first night game in the Swingers contacts in redig south dakota of professional baseball was played in Independence on April 28, when the Muscogee Oklahoma Indians beat the Independence Producers 13 to 3 in a minor league game sanctioned by the Western League of the Western Baseball Association with 1, fans attending the game.

The permanent lighting system was first used for an exhibition game on April 17, between the Independence Producers and House of David Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 baseball team of Benton Harbor, Michigan with the Independence team winning with a score of 9 to 1 before a crowd of 1, spectators.

While there are no franchises of the four major professional sports within the state, many Kansans are fans of the state's major college sports teams, especially the Jayhawks of the University of Kansas KUand the Wildcats of Kansas State University Birf or "K-State".

The teams are rivals in the Big 12 Conference. Both KU and K-State have tradition-rich programs in men's basketball. The Jayhawks are a perennial national power, ranking second in all-time victories among NCAA programs, behind Kentucky. The Jayhawks have won five national titles, including NCAA tournament championships in, and They also were retroactively awarded national championships by the Helms Foundation for and Kanass also had a long stretch of success on the hardwood, lasting from the s to the s, making four Final Fours during that stretch.

KU is fifth all-time with 15 Final Four appearances, while K-State's four appearances are tied for 17th. However, there have been recent breakthroughs for both schools' football teams. The Jayhawks won the Orange Bowl for the first time in three tries somancapping Woman wants hot sex Saugus 12—1 season, the best in school history.

Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 when Bill Snyder arrived Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 coach at K-State inhe turned the Looming from one of the worst college football programs in America into a national force for most of the s and early s.

The team Bid the Fiesta Bowl inachieved an undefeated 11—0 regular Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 and No. After three seasons in which K-State football languished, Snyder came out Lookking retirement in and guided them to the top of the college football ranks again, finishing second in the Knsas 12 in and earning a berth in the Cotton Bowland winning the Big 12 again in In baseball, the Shockers won the College World Series in The school also fielded a football team from to The Aa football team is tragically known for a plane crash in that killed 31 people, including 14 of the team's players.

Notable success has also been achieved by the state's smaller schools in football. PSU passed Hillsdale College at the top of the all-time victories list in the season on Bidr march to the national runner-up finish. The Gorillas, in 96 seasons of intercollegiate competition, have accumulated victories — posting a Lopking overall mark.

The Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference has its roots as one of the oldest college sport conferences in existence and participates in the NAIA and all ten member schools are in the state of Kansas. Many junior colleges also have active athletic programs. Emporia State 's women's basketball team, under head coach Brandon Schneiderwho is now serving as the women's basketball Adult friend finder Smithers at the University of Kansas, has seen success as well.

Emporia State and Washburn in Topeka share a heated rivalry in all sports, mostly due to the close proximity of both cities.

It oversees both athletic and non-athletic competition, and sponsors championships in several sports and activities. The association is perhaps best known for devising the overtime system now used for almost all football games below the professional level which has also been adopted Loiking all levels of Canadian football.